Our Company

Our investments in renewable energy continue.

We are Turkey's highest capacity biomass energy company with our total electrical energy production.

With the understanding of “Socially Responsible Company”, we undertake many projects that support the environment and our farmers wherever we are.

We add strength to Turkey's power with our 250-million-dollar equity capital and investments.

Our Company

Oltan Gıda Ltd. Şti., which stepped into the hazelnut industry as a small business in 1984, soon became a very important institution that processes 80% of the hazelnuts in the world. OLTAN GIDA, whose achievements of 30 years of deep-rooted history have been registered with dozens of awards, including many state awards, ranked 38th in Turkey’s 500 largest industrial enterprises in 2014.

Reaching a turnover of more than 15 billion dollars with its exports, it has made significant contributions to the Turkish economy and has made great contributions to the sector. OLTAN & KOLEOGLU ENERGY was established by our company, which stepped into the energy sector in 2014, by investing in domestic and renewable energy resources with 250 million dollars of equity capital.

The total installed power of our power plants, which are active in Çorum, Samsun and Afyon today, will be approximately 100 MW with the commissioning of the Karaman project in the near future. Karaman biomass power plant is Turkey’s highest capacity biomass power plant with an investment value of 100 million dollars. Our investments in renewable energy continue.